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Coaching Leadership Success

Self-Leadership Coaching

This is a one-on-one coaching program, focusing on self-empowerment & self-leadership.

coaching grief group support

Grief Work

This is a 7-week group program designed for grievers to make peace with the source of grief, experience deep relief and embrace the gifts of life in peace.

Coaching Wellness Health Breath Yoga Meditation

Wellness Programs

Tailor-made programs for individuals and groups; covering relationship with food, breath coaching, yoga and meditation. 

coaching love sex happiness relationship marriage romance romantic lover partners systems success

Relationship Systems Coaching

This is a coaching program for couples and families with focus on creating healthy and peaceful relations with RSI (Relationship Systems Intelligence)

Coaching Resilience Success Sustainability thrive


A set of comprehensive resilience programs designed by an international group of thrivers. 

coaching human design analysis assessment

Human Design Analysis

Human Design Analysis is a unique tool with elements of Qabbalah, astrology and I-Ching. It is a user's manual unique for you; where you will find & fall in-love with yourself.

Coaching heal joy health wellness nutrition life

Joy Of Healing

Semi tailor-made programs for individuals and groups. The programs cover health on 12 primary areas from physical health to finances, from joy to career.

Coaching Mindfulness Breath Yoga Awareness Meditation

Mindfulness Program

This is a 6-week program designed for individuals and groups to experiment on mindfulness and develop personal tools for inner peace.

Coaching Wellness Health Breath Yoga Meditation work life balance

Health Coaching

This is a 6-month program focusing on long term results on health. Available as group coaching and/or one-on-one coaching


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