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About Renaissance





Renaissance Consulting was founded in 2017,Istanbul by Burcu Basan with a humanitarian wholistic approach to serve business partners that would benefit in multifacet growth, on a revolutionary path.


Renaissance means to wonder, to be creative, to seek the best for the whole and take responsible actions. That is why in Renaissance Consulting we are focused to create positive learning environment for consciously productive results. We are world-workers; creating awareness, accelerating learning, growth, positivity and productivity to create future skillfully.

We care for our business partners, value their success, believe their dreams as much as they do. We know the power of long term business partnership built upon trust is the catalyst for the success of our clients.

Renaissance Consulting works with clients and business partners from all around the world that share similar vision and values.

Our Approach




Although there are different approaches to learning, habit change, and behavior development - practice makes perfect. We are not seeking perfection, because we believe prefect is the enemy of good, yet we do practice to learn better. Why do we seek to learn better? As we learn, we hold the privilege of choice, practice the power of will. 

In Renaissance Consulting, we believe all humans are equally creative, resourceful, and intelligent - in unique ways. We provide powerful experiential and experimental learning environment. So, we hold the space and provide the tools for you to explore, choose and take action on what's best for you. We support you and walk with you.


It is our professional pleasure to witness how amazing our clients are. 

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Our Vission




We believe our world needs its people in their highest potential- now, more than ever. As the citizens of the world we are going through historic times and we need immediate actions in various aspects from climate to finances, from health to politics and many more. While going through this chaotic period of time, we need to remember who we are. Remember our essence, what ignites us, inspires us, what we truly value and things we are capable of when we believe our lives depend on.

In Renaissance Consulting, we envision a future of peaceful and abundant diversity, respecting every form of life. We believe this is only possible when each person in enlightened and each team in responsibly functioning.


"...Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking...And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." says Marianne Williams - and we share this vision to let our own light shine, while inspiring other to do the same.


Our Mission
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In Renaissance Consulting, we are dedicated to;

  • Lead From Heart

  • Talk What We Walk

  • Perform Through Our Highest Self

While supporting;

  • Individuals Reach & Master Their Full Potential

  • Teams Excel Efficiently in Positivity

  • Leaders Act in Awareness of Their Impact

Our Values




Diversity & Inclusion

"Mono" is boring and deficient. Mono-agriculture weakens the soil and harms the corps; whereas mono-culture weakens authenticity and harms creativity & indulgence. We appreciate authenticity, uniqueness and bring those values to our work; embrace differences, hear all the voices and encourage equal contribution. One for all, all for one.

Creativity with Responsibility

Creativity is more important for our generation than it mattered to previous generations. Yet, we are also aware that we hold responsibility for the change we mediate. We are leaders of empowered awareness for creativity.


Learning Everyday

Learning is a life time journey that we adore. To remember that there is only little we know, leaves us humbled in more curiosity.


Trust & Privacy

We respect privacy - what our customers share with us, is for eyes and ears only. We know trust is a fragile yet strong asset; our customers trust that we care to deliver for their best interest, we do not judge them or try to fix them. In Renaissance Consulting, we follow the rules and ethics set by ICF -International Coach Federation - on every work we do.

Respect Life in All Forms

Life bursts on our planet, in different forms that amazes us and pushes our imagination further. We are neither the reason nor the conclusion of this creative force, we are an inseparable part of it. We act with responsibility of our impact.

Our Founder
Burcu Basan.jpg


I am the founder of Renaissance Consulting LLC, and an international coach, trainer, and consultant- with experience over 2000 hours of coaching, over 1000 hours of training in 25+ international and local companies as business partners. I consider myself as a world-worker and I am fueled by my work. I am a fan of Renaissance spirit - rebirth into enlightenment, deep awareness, high skills, wise intentions and powerful impact. I believe in the significance of seeing the big picture and capturing the details.

I was born İzmir,  studied science in high school - American Collegiate Institute and afterwards attended Sabanci University to study different fields of engineering, art and management. I was introduced to coaching as a client first, when I was a junior in HR struggling to fit in corporate life. I walked and I am still walking the path. I am thankful to my coaches, many teachers and leaders, for their part on who I am becoming. I am standing on the shoulders of giants. 


I am married, and we are sharing home with two cats and a dog.

Thank you for being here. We would be pleased to get in touch and support your growth. 


Burcu Basan

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